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Dr. Lawyer? What the HELL is a Dr. Lawyer? I've often asked myself this question, laying in bed awake, between ostrich-themed night terrors (a grand story for another time). I'd ask "Who is this elusive and handsome Dr. Lawyer? And why does this name continue to PURGE my mind?"

Well, wouldn't you know it, just the other night while I was thinking about this, a man passed by my third-floor window. A man who I didn't know or recognize, but for some reason I just knew deep inside he was both a doctor and a lawyer.

Then it hit me! We never finished the third episode of Dr. Lawyer! Well, right away, I faxed a very rude letter to my good friend and Dr. Lawyer animator IDontKnowCorp, who responded with some ridiculous claim that he sent me the file to upload years ago. I don't know what any of that nonsense was about, but on an unrelated note I found a file called "Dr Lawyer 3 upload to NG" on my desktop. Hopefully that'll be a good enough substitute for whatever stupid thing you guys wanted.

Finally, after seven years, you can watch the stunning conclusion to Dr. Lawyer here:


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Baby Steps, Young Cricket 5 Points

Dying can be a very disorienting experience. Good thing there's a tutorial conversation!

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Find your first host and possess it.

end the freaking game 5 Points

wtf it just a fucking demo i want more...

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Any man shall taste someday the bitter juice of his own tears, only to arise with twice the resolve. Or to go back to work. Maybe.

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The delicacy you make of yourself in such peculiar circumstance shall make you think about the appetite you are capable of generating among people.

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For you may not know what is greater sometimes: your hunger or your fear?

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You watched the clinic cutscene and played the first minigame. Such display of patience is absolutely commendable.

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You watched the intro. This display of compassion towards the creator of the cinematics is proof of the greatness of your person.

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