Dr. Lawyer Episode 2!

2013-01-27 15:36:18 by SushiGummy

Hey all.

About a week or two ago, IDontKnowCorp, the lesser creator of Dr. Lawyer, told me that he had finished animating the second episode. I told him "Oh no you din't" and proceeded to spend the next week pointing out every little thing I personally didn't like within the video. I even crushed his spirit a few times, a victory I will treasure for years to come. I'm keeping his tears in a Tupperware for later.

The point is, I forgot to feed him and now he's dead. With nobody around to animate Dr. Lawyer, I was left sitting in front of a computer ranting about life with nobody to follow my ridiculous demands. It didn't do much, so I decided to just upload it.

Dr. Lawyer Episode 2 is now available for you to treasure for many, many minutes to come. About seven.


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